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Join Connect and Offer High-Speed Fibre-Optic Internet to Rural Albertans

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Connect’s open-access network ensures that rural Albertans have a variety of competitive options to meet their needs.

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Connect RSP Benefits

Expand Your Reach and Services

Becoming an RSP with Connect offers a unique opportunity to grow your business by providing high-speed broadband services to underserved communities. With support from Connect, your business can deliver reliable, competitively-priced internet services. Join us and contribute to a more connected future for everyone.

Retail Service Providers

Comprehensive Support for RSPs

Connect builds and maintains high-speed broadband infrastructure in rural Alberta, providing an open-access network for RSPs. We offer RSPs wholesale services, ensuring high-quality, competitively-priced options for customers.

Order Administration

White Label Billing / Invoicing

Payment Collection

Branded Customer Portal

Level 1 Support (Self‐Service and Chatbot)

24/7 Network Operations Centre

Electronics (Core to Edge)

Partner with Connect

Steps to Becoming a Rural Connect Retail Service Provider

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Signing

Sign an NDA with Connect, ensuring the protection of confidential information throughout the process.

Technical Review

Conduct a thorough technical review of existing infrastructure and technologies. This ensures compatibility with Connect's network requirements and standards and identifies a roadmap to close any gaps.

Commercial & Contractual Terms Review

Review and understand the commercial and contractual terms, obligations, and service levels associated with becoming a service provider on Connect's network.

Review of the Service Provider's Business Plan

Submit your business plan to Connect for evaluation. Key aspects to be assessed include financial stability, market strategy, and operational efficiency.

Contract Signature

The final step involves signing the Connecting Agreement to formalize the partnership.

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