Connecting Rural Alberta with High-Speed Fibre Optic

Our Mission

Improving Rural Connectivity

We provide advanced fibre-optic broadband networks, working with communities to deliver customised, future-proof connectivity for growth and better quality of life.

Lightning-Fast Speeds

Seamless streaming, and reliable connections for remote work, teleheath, online learning, and economic development.

Our Vision

An Online Future

We envision a future where all rural Canadians have equal access to broadband, enabling remote work, telehealth, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Join Us

Help us bridge the digital divide in rural Alberta. Together, we can create a more connected future.


Common Questions

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What does Connect do?

Connect provides open access, wholesale, high-speed broadband infrastructure to serve communities and municipalities in rural Alberta. Connect is responsible for building and operating the infrastructure necessary to bring broadband to rural homes, farms, businesses, and industrial sites. Retail internet service providers offer competitive services to those looking to access the Connect network.

How do I access Connect’s network in my community?

If you're currently in a Connect service area, or in an area scheduled for Connect access, you can sign up to have fibre connection delivered to your home. Once you have fibre connection, you can purchase internet services through a registered Retail Service Provider (RSP)  serving your area.

What is a Municipally Controlled Corporation?

A municipally controlled corporation is an entity controlled by a municipality or group of municipalities for the purposes of providing a regional municipal service or facility. Connect operates under a not-for-profit business model in which revenue generated is utilized to cover operating costs, with any excess being reinvested into the infrastructure and services being provided.

Who owns Connect?

The communities (municipalities and counties) that are members of Connect share in ownership of Connect, and may also hold a seat on the Connect Board of Directors. Connect’s member communities maintain control of the planning, development, and service targets for all network assets and infrastructure in their communities. Connect builds and operates the network infrastructure and maintains relationships with the Retail Service Providers (RSPs) who provide internet access to the network for customers.

Does Connect meet federal rural broadband speed targets?

The Government of Canada has set a minimum broadband target speed for all Canadians of 50 Mbps download speed, and 10 Mbps upload speed. This target of 50/10 (upload/download) is known as the Universal Service Objective and is the minimum standard for any future broadband infrastructure and it is the goal of the federal government that all Canadians have access to this level of service by 2030. Connect offers access to speeds up to 1 Gbps upload, well exceeding the minimum standards.

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